Architectural Services

The design of modern buildings and the methods of altering existing buildings has become more and more prescribed and constrained, so good buildings are no longer limited to aesthetically pleasing or purely functional structures. They now have to be safe to build, cheap to run, easy to maintain and often need to have a sensible method in place to dispose of them once they have reached the end of their life.

We can help you to come up with the right solution for your project; big or small, and support you all the way from inception to completion and beyond if necessary. We have a variety of services available and can tailor a package to suit your needs; from a straightforward change of use Planning Application through to a full Design, Specification and Contract Administration.

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    Planning Applications

    The ever changing planning rules and all the various policies can seem like a bureaucratic black hole even for those who have undertaken projects in the past. Regardless of the proposal we can help make sense of all the policy and various requirements for big and small projects to find a way forward even if it wasn’t what was initially intended.

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    Measured Surveys

    The start of almost all projects begins with this stage – a bare plot of land or a dilapidated building all need to be measured before much design work can begin.

    As this is such a core part of the business we are also well placed to produce lease plans or estate agency plans – call for more details.

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    Building Regulations

    All projects big, small, residential, commercial, new build or refurbished need to conform to the Building Regulations as set out in Approved Documents A to Q; these cover everything from structure and fire protection to appropriate ventilation and electrical safety. All projects will need to have a set of drawings and details to go alongside them detailing the ways the proposal will meet these requirements. We can take you through this process with minimal fuss.

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    This is a growing area and is increasingly being used on big and small projects – getting a clear indication of how a proposal will ultimately fit into an existing landscape can often go a long way towards helping nervous councillors make the right decision or even make an off plan sale of property even before construction has begun.

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    Design and Specification

    Form is as important as function – Spruce Architecture are always keen to push the envelope in terms of design and when budget allows there is little we would shy away from. Agreeing an ambitious brief means specifying the right products and materials as well as managing cost.

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    Technical Detailing

    While building regulations applications require a certain level of technical detailing, once it is time to start on site it’s often a requirement to provide very detailed drawings which may be used by building contractors as an instructional aid or often by conservation officers on listed building projects. Spruce Architecture can produce many kinds of technical detailing – phone to discuss your requirements.

Consultancy Services

Spruce Architecture can offer a number of consultancy services to our clients. Often when considering a development there is already an idea in place or a fixed brief, but sometimes there is only an identified ‘need’. We can help in a variety of different ways.

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    Feasibility Study

    We can help you to figure out if your proposal is viable and offer insight based on planning policy, construction costs and environmental impact.

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    Creating Design Briefs

    For larger schemes sometimes there is only a site and a set of requirements. The process of getting from an idea to a finished building often begins with a brief outlining the set of requirements and constraints. We can work with you to develop design briefs and help you to select the right consultants to take things forward to completion.

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    If it’s a design brief or a completed design the process of selecting the right partners to take things forward is important. We can manage this process and assist you in selecting the right people to work with.

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    Planning Consultation

    The planning process can seem mysterious at times but being experienced with National and Local Planning Policy as well as good communication with Local Planning departments, means that Spruce Architecture can ensure this process need not be painful.

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    Advice for Self Builders

    Self builders often need to be pointed in the right direction. We have experience in construction methodology and can offer site advice on an hourly rate basis.