Full Renovation Two-Storey Extension With Double Garage - Plumpton - 01

Two-story home extension with a full interior refurbishment

Plumpton, East Sussex

Our clients approached us with a vision for a comprehensive property transformation. Collaborating closely with them, we embarked on the journey to craft their dream home, one that offered splendid vistas of the scenic Sussex countryside. Their primary request was to preserve the historic charm of the existing building, including retaining the original bell call system.

To realise this vision, we executed a substantial two-story extension both to the side and front of the property. Simultaneously, we embarked on a comprehensive interior refurbishment, strategically designed to create more spacious and inviting kitchen and living areas. In addition, we introduced a brand-new master bedroom with an en-suite and a dressing area, complete with a private balcony that afforded breathtaking views of Plumpton.

Our commitment to this project extended beyond the interiors; we undertook a holistic rejuvenation of the entire house. To further enhance the property’s functionality, we included a new double garage, crafted with a timber frame sourced from English Heritage Buildings and seamlessly integrated into the landscape.

Securing the necessary planning approvals was an essential early milestone. To fulfil these requirements, we diligently addressed specific planning conditions, ensuring that our material choices harmonised with the local aesthetics. In addition, we conducted a thorough asbestos survey to ensure the safety of the construction process.

With the planning stage successfully navigated, we engaged in a rigorous tender process on behalf of our clients. This involved obtaining detailed schedules of work and cost estimates from multiple construction firms. Armed with this valuable information, our clients were empowered to make a well-informed choice regarding the construction phase.

Our commitment to this project remains unwavering. We maintain a constant presence to oversee the construction’s progress, with visits every two weeks. This approach ensures that the development stays on track, adheres to the highest quality standards, and is closely monitored from a financial standpoint.

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